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Should I try the recon line (again)?

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Should I try the recon line (again)?

Tonight I applied for the Choice Privileges Barclay card - got the needs further review message, so I called the recon line. Spoke with a lady that asked a few questions about my employment and salary, then looked up my credit report and came back. She said she did notice that I have a few new credit lines in good standing and have worked to rebuild, but that they were concerned about a few too recent baddies (within the last two years) and the number of recent inquires, which was probably their main concern. She asked what was the reason for the inquiries, and I told her I was in the process of rebuilding my credit ever since October of last year - and how I've raised my credit score approx 100 points since then with good standing credit lines. I told her that my fiance and I were both working on building out credit - she is building, and I am repairing - and that Barclays would be an asset to expand my credit portfolio. She thanked me for my explanation, but then said that due to too many recent inquiries they still couldn't approve me. I was kinda disappointed, obviously. 


Do you think I should try again and talk to a different rep? If so, should I say something different? Would they know I already called the recon line the first time?

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Re: Should I try the recon line (again)?

I would try again and don't use the word "rebuilding".

Tell them your building a strong file and Barclays is gonna be your everyday card.
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Re: Should I try the recon line (again)?

Trying again probably will not hurt, but you'll want to be prepared to give the answers that would sound good to them, for questions they may have on possibly anything negative or recent on your reports.

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Re: Should I try the recon line (again)?

I recon 5 x with Barclay last year before finally getting approved for the Arr + WMC! Persistence pays with them and unlike BofA they don't seem to care how many times u try.

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