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Suggestions for applying

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Suggestions for applying

As of today my credit reports are completely clean of derogatories.

I've already established good lines of credit two loans Amex.

Scores are 733 across the board.


Thank you for any and all recommendations

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Re: Suggestions for applying

Other than the Amex loans, what other credit lines do you currently have?

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Re: Suggestions for applying

@Ramsport  If you have two loans already with American Express, then I suggest applying for one or two of their credit cards. Amex usually only does soft pulls for additional products with them, and soft pulls don't harm your credit. But if I'm misunderstanding you, and it's actually two Amex credit cards that you currently have, then I would recommend opening a small share secured loan at Andrews FCU. Andrews is open to everyone, and they do not pull credit for secured loans. An installment loan on your credit report will benefit your credit score. 

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Re: Suggestions for applying

We can't really recommend anything without knowing what exactly you're looking for. For example, what are your biggest areas of spend? Do you travel a lot? Do you prefer cashback or points? AF or No AF?

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Re: Suggestions for applying

Congrats on bering ding free

All Fico9 835+ or there abouts

These violent delights have violent ends
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