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Synchrony Denied BH Payboo Credit Card For Vague, Unspecific and Wrong Reasons

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Re: Synchrony Denied BH Payboo Credit Card For Vague, Unspecific and Wrong Reasons

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You access all 3 main credit reports from each respective CRA daily?

No need to be sarcastic. I access them all each year, as allowed by law.

I'm sorry but that is not frequent. (The CRA convinced the government that was frequent enough for a free report because they want to make money selling reports). I'll get off my soapbox now Smiley Wink


Regardless please take the advice given earlier in the thread and order a full copy of all three reports. You may be correct, there may be nothing there but why not make sure? Synchrony is not a fly by night operation. Many of the banks now use fintech software that has similar algorthyms at their core. They are looking for patterns of fraud before handing out cards.

Thank you for your advice. I did take a look at all three credit reports and noted nothing wrong. When I said I check my credit history frequently I meant that I signed up with one of my credit cards to send me monthly updates about changes to my credit records in addition to checking my annual free credit report. 

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Re: Synchrony Denied BH Payboo Credit Card For Vague, Unspecific and Wrong Reasons

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I think the issue is that while Synchrony Bank was specific and quite valid the real problem is that you do not understand the issue at hand. You stated that you applied many times for "Joint Account" which means that both people on the account are responsible in full. Now look at it from Synchrony Bank's perspective where they have a application for a joint account instead of the regular main holder plus authorised user. When they go to pull the reports of both holders they are essentially identical except name and SSN. On top of that when they calculate the scores they are through the roof(800+) for both. Now if I was a bank that normally deals in the subprime market I would scratch my head on why that is the case. Usually husbands and wives do not mirror one another that much unless they are the same person. So Synchrony thinks one or the other is fake(invalid person). Considering that they want you to call from old POTS lines too instead of VoIP it is not that much of a stretch. Lastly Synchrony Bank has a lot of different parts so one part saying yes and another saying no later is normal. I went through 14 reps, 3 phone calls, and a letter just to add my watch for one card.

Thank your for your post. I wish your explanation made sense to me. But who knows, anything is possible with them as you alluded to your experience. And thank you for mentioning the individual application. Maybe applying individually and then adding an authorized user can prevent this problem.

I will try to simplify it a little. Synchrony Bank thinks one of the two applicants does not exist in real life. This is what they got from the two reports they pulled when you filed a joint application.

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