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Synchrony SSA-89 request

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Synchrony SSA-89 request

I applied for the Cathay Pacific Visa card (issued by Synchrony) a couple of weeks ago. Limited DPs on this card as it is rather obscure, but most of the posts I found here and on other forums have mentioned that there is extra "fraud protection" for the Cathay card and they don't issue instant approvals.


The HP on TU came immediately when I applied, but then crickets until this past Sunday when I received a voicemail from a live agent at Synchrony saying "watch for a form in the mail, we need to request additional information for your protection."


Mail came today and it is a Form SSA-89 to verify my social security number. "Your Synchrony application is currrently under review. In order to complete this review, we checked credit bureau information and other data sources to verify your information. Based on this review, we are unable to verify that your identity matches the information on your application. As a result, your application has been placed on hold."


This is bizarre as I am a US citizen, same SSN since 1982, not an identity theft victim, and no other Synchrony accounts (used to have a PayPal and Amazon but closed those at my request in 2020).


Fingers crossed for an approval! I would imagine if this were a denial, Sync would not have gone to this much effort. LOL. Does anyone else have recent DP on Synchrony and the SSA-89 request, or the Cathay card in particular?

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Re: Synchrony SSA-89 request

@Bk2006Any word yet? They'll send it to SSA and wait for the return. Keep us updated. Didnt want your thread to go unanswered. Good Luck!

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