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The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide

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Re: AMEX 3x CLI questions


Is it too soon to call tomorrow and ask for the reconsideration? Or do i have to wait the 90 days?
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Re: AMEX 3x CLI questions

@DU556 wrote:

Is it too soon to call tomorrow and ask for the reconsideration? Or do i have to wait the 90 days?

If it were me, I would call, if for nothing else but to update my income. You have nothing to lose since you’ve already been denied. And what if they make an exception?

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Re: AMEX 3x CLI questions

I would call. You are asking them to reconsider their previous decision, you're not asking for alother cli. Say something like " I accidentally omitted certain forms of income and would like to know if the decision would be different if they were included." The worst they can do is deny you again. But then you'll know.
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Amex CLI question

Have 2 cards. Does each one have its own CLI timetable?
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Re: AMEX 3x CLI questions

@Vermonster wrote:
Amex does a SP about once a month. They base their decisions on the most recent SP. They don't pull again when you request.

Do you know if they have a consistent pull date each month? I want to do it after they do the next one....the June letter said it was based on my May 18 is it likely they pulled on June 18 and again on July 18?


By July 18, my credit reports will be showing an additional $12,500 in available credit that I achieved through CLIs on 3 different cards.

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Re: AMEX 3x CLI questions

The pull date is generally the same, +/- a day or two, the same is the case with your statement closing date.

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Re: AMEX 3x CLI questions

Today was the 180 mark for my last CLI on my Amex.  My limit was currently at 48K.  I shoot for a new limit of 60K knowing that I'd probably get hit with IV, which I did.  I backed down in 1K increments until I was approved at 53K with no IV.  The 5K every 180 days after a certain credit limit seems to be true.  




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Re: The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide

Question for everyone.  A bout 14 months ago I requested a 3X CLI on my Preferred Everyday Card and was successful in getting my CL raised to 48K.  I was wondering what are the protocols after for another CLI.  What should ask for next, etc.  I usually spend a $1k-$2k a month and pay it off each month.  My credit score is 825-840 depending on the agency.  Just looking to further build my credit profile.  Thanks

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Re: The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide



See the post right above yours where a member with an identical limit of $48k was able to move to $53k without IV, but any amount over that $5k increase would have resulted in IV happening.  I've been doing the $5k/6mo thing for a few years now and posts like the one above yours sort of confirm that it is indeed a "thing" with higher limit Amex cards. 

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wait a sec, a 3x cli works if another amex account has been open for 6 months prior?

I never heard about this.   this is for a buddy of mine that is rebuilding.  he wants to up the BCP because keeping the utilization in line is killing him.  Can he attempt a cli on the BCP after 07/18/19 is the question?  just looked, he has put ~$25K through the BBP already, crazy.  Thank you!


01/18/19 approved for a BBP @ $2K

02/24/19 approved for a BCP @ $1K

03/22/19 cli on BBP $2K -> $6k





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