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What Utilization % is good for CLI from Capital One?

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Re: What Utilization % is good for CLI from Capital One?

Also very cool that you can see soft inquiries that were from > 2 years ago.

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Re: What Utilization % is good for CLI from Capital One?

@Curious_George2 wrote:

They're tight, but they're not quite that tight. Smiley Happy


I was tracking CapOne CLIs in the Approvals forum for nearly all of 2020. The three largest CLs to get a CLI on request (i.e. excluding autos) that I noted were as follows:


  • Feb. 2020, @Openwater's $10k limit got a $1,000 CLI. Link
  • Aug. 2020, Openwater's $11k limit got a $1,000 CLI. Link
  • Sep. 2020, @jasonbourne84 reported that a $10k limit got a $1,000 CLI. Link

To my knowledge, the biggest limit to receive a $100 CLI is @JNA1's $1,600, in November, but I might have missed some. I'm not saying a $1,000 increase on an $11k limit is large relative to the market, but it's better than $100.


If the pattern holds, I expect if OP asks again after CapOne notices Util under 30% aggregate and under 80% on each card, they will give a CLI of $2,000. Admittedly, that's a bit speculative because I'm not aware that we have heard about any CapOne limits as large as $20k getting a CLI on request recently. I'm extrapolating based on their practice of giving around 10%.


Good luck @Repairman, and please keep us posted! 

I'm due for another CLI request in 3 weeks, I will keep you updated.

Discover 22K ---------------------------- Credit Union MC 12K
Cap1 QS 10K ---------------------------- Barclay 3.4K
AMEX Blue Cash AU 15.5K ------ Barclay Apple AU 10K
2 Installment loans:
Auto 15K / 39K ---------- Auto 28K / 39K
Vantage 3.0: TU:738 EQ: 737 03-17-2020
Ch. 7 DC 12/2014
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