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What's wrong with Apple Card?

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What's wrong with Apple Card?

I had been trying to apply for the Apple card for several hours. Each time at the end of the application, it asked for my id and I uploaded the images of my id. But apple could not read the images and hence my application was denied every time.

What should I do now? I am so frustrated.

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Re: What's wrong with Apple Card?

Images? Are you uploading Images of an ID card? Your Apple ID doesn't need uploading. It's an alpha-numeric ID such as ""


Its been a few years since I applied (2019) but don't recall having to upload ID images, at least at that time.

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Re: What's wrong with Apple Card?

I would also advise against continuing to apply over and over if you're having any issues. I would give them a call and see if there is anything glitching in their system or rather, a simple document request at work.

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Re: What's wrong with Apple Card?

I remember having to take a picture of my id in the process. My Apple card is only 6 months old. @Aim_High 


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Re: What's wrong with Apple Card?

It is probably best to call them at this point. I do not remember having to upload anything on my app, but if you are having issues just smashing the apply button is not going to help anything. Their chat is pretty decent, so you can start there and see what they say.

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Re: What's wrong with Apple Card?

I'm so sorry this is happening to you! This has happened to quite a few others, so know that you're not alone.  This usually happens when something on your credit profile is not lining up with info on file or on your License/ID, it could be an address issue such as the address on your Apple Profile is different than what address is on your credit report, it could also be an issue with how your name is spelled on your credit report versus what is linked to your Apple ID.  It could be other discrepancies too. 

If you reach out to Apple Card Support they may be able to help you resolve this issue but it isn't guaranteed. I've read about people having the issue resolved  by reaching out and those who still had issues after contacting them. I'm hoping your application is one of the success stories. 



Some people have even found success by applying on Apple's Website and going through the motions of adding an item or items to their cart that are eligible for an installment plan. Then at checkout they choose apply for Apple Card and use installments to pay for this purchase.  Once you're approved just go in the Apple Wallet and click the plus symbol in the top right corner. Then choose accept the Apple Card offer.  Now you can go back to your computer and you have the option to continue with the purchase, or remove items from the cart or completely cancel the order. Best wishes to you with your application!


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Re: What's wrong with Apple Card?

@mrinal , confirm that your CR aren't locked or frozen , I had same issue when I had TU unlocked and the rest frozen , but it wasn't till I unlocked Experian and TU together that it went thru for me , this was like a year or so go

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Re: What's wrong with Apple Card?

My card is only 3 months old & I didn't have to upload anything as well. Like others have said I would call to see what the issue is. Best of luck as well. 

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Re: What's wrong with Apple Card?

Locking as OP has posted success here:

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