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When to apply for 2nd BECU card

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When to apply for 2nd BECU card

Was approved for 1st card around the 1st of the year with a 1K SL but got a 10k line of credit with the same pull.. Since then my report has changed alot and score has improve about 40 points to a 758 ex.. My question is does anyoneone know how long you have to wait to apply for second BECU card

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Re: When to apply for 2nd BECU card

There is no specified waiting period, but in your case, I'd wait longer.

Your SL at approval was low, I'm glad they increased it, but that also means you should hold off for a while

Use your card, pay it, wait 6 months then try. 

They gave you a huge limit compared to others, you've had a very active credit year, it's time to relax for a while even though you managed to get negatives removed.

It's always better if we slow ourselves down, so lenders dont have to. 

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Re: When to apply for 2nd BECU card

I'll second waiting about 6 months.  It's also important to note that they will use your TU 08 score rather than Experian for lending decisions.

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