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Will I get approved

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Will I get approved

I recently applied for the capital one venture card.
I have a 716-708 credit score.
My oldest account is approx 3 years old.
I only have store cards right now.
A Ulta card (haha. I know. ) it has a $2250 course
And a Lowe’s card with a limit over $5000
My income is around 75000 with my fiancé’s included because we share an account they said I could include that info.
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Re: Will I get approved

You might they seem to like thin files right now. This post should be moved to credit card or applications.

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Re: Will I get approved

Did you look at preapproval page on Cap One?

There is a good chance with 700+ scores.

I do believe the min SL is $5k though.


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Re: Will I get approved

IMHO, I think you might be able to get it but it might be a low SL approval, or possible denail as store cards really aren't prime cards. The Venture is considered a prime card. As far as Cap1 goes, they do like and are more lenient to thin files but not so sure about their premier card.

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