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Amazon Store CLI

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Re: Amazon Store CLI


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Re: Amazon Store CLI

Wonderful Wtg!

AmEx BCE 20k
BBVA visa 10k
Synchrony 2% MC 9.3k
LLBean Citi MC 6k
PNC points signature visa 15k
CapOne QS1. 1.65k
Citi DC. 4.375k
Discover it. 3.55k
Am Ex Gold
Kohl’s. $3k
Amazon Store. 10k
Overstock. 13.6k
Boscovs. 14k
Best Buy S.C. 2.8k
Home Depot 2k
Total CL. 132,500k
PNC personal loan 7500 down to 6200
oldest credit 3yr 2 months , newest 1/2020!
* 3% card utilization 

As of 11/1/18

As of 11/1/19
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As of 11/1/20
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