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Amazon Store Card CLI

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Amazon Store Card CLI

Chatted with a nice gentleman from Synchrony this morning and got a nice incease in my Amazon card.  It went from $800 to $3500.  I've had the card for two months and this is the first time I've tried for an increase.  Statement cut yesterday with $667 with $423 of that being deferred interest.  Moving into a new house is expensive.

EX700 TU 704 EQ 694 4/03/22
Cap1 QS-$4,500 Chase Freedom Flex- $800 Chase Freedom Unlimited- $1,000 Victoria's Secret- $1,200 Citi DC- $800 Amazon Store Card- $3,500 AMEX Hilton Honors-$1,000 Discover It-$1,000 Wal-Mart MC $290 Chase Sapphire Preferred-$5,000 NFCU Flagship $13,800 AMEX BCE-$1,000 AMEX Gold-$5,000 AMEX Delta Blue $1,000 Lowe's $5,000 Navy Platinum $17,000 AMEX BBP $2,000
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Re: Amazon Store Card CLI

Very awesome increase for you, EAJ! Congrats to you on your new home! Enjoy all that you have! Smiley Happy

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