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Amex approval!

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Amex approval!

So I've been checking the Amex prequal site every few days for a couple months now and always nothing.


Tonight it said I prequalified for delta sky miles gold, blue, and platinum. I wanted platinum because it's platinum and a nice sub but I couldn't justify the 250 annual fee.


so I applied for gold and got approved. Only $1k but I'm ok with that. My fico 8 scores are:

EQ 646

TU 640

EX 634


I'm in the process of rebuilding and so I'm just super happy to get the card. 

thick file but have two remaining collections I'm working on and my student loans have some lates from 5 years ago. Rehabbed them 2+ years ago and everything has been paid on time since then.


when I got the prequal, it said I would get 35,000 bonus miles if I spent $1k in three months. But I don't see any reference to that since the prequal page. Any way to check I still get that?


so excited!


Part of me wants to see what else I can get approved for. Other part wants to keep repairing and come back when I'm closer to, or over 700 with baddies cleaned up. I think I'll wait.


how is Amex delta gold on credit line increases?

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Re: Amex approval!

Congratulations on your approval!
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Re: Amex approval!

Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 on your approval.

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Re: Amex approval!

Congratulations on your new Amex Gold approval! 

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Re: Amex approval!

Congrats on your approval! To answer a few of your questions, if you have 3 or more revolvers including your new Delta, my vote is you garden but that is ultimately up to you. AMEX can be very generous with increases, but it is very highly unlikely they will grant you one until your COs fall of your report. You may request up to 3X your current line. I recommend reading the definitive 3X AMEX CLI guide for a TON of info. I doubt the old lates on the student loans will cause much concern from them. You should be getting the sub, but there is no where to keep track of it, unfortunately. The only time you would not get it, AMEX would have clearly stated during the application process you would not be eligible. Good job going for the gold instead of platinum if you didn't see much value in the higher card. It only takes 1-2 Delta flights per year to overcome the AF on the gold. Congrats and welcome to the AMEX family. Smiley Happy

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Re: Amex approval!

Congratulations on your new Amex approval!

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Re: Amex approval!

Congratulations on your Amex approval!

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Re: Amex approval!


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Re: Amex approval!

Grats on your Amex approval Smiley Happy

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Re: Amex approval!

That's terrific!  Congratulations on your approval!! 🎉🥂

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