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Another Small Victory!

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Re: Another Small Victory!

Congratulations on the increase!!!

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Re: Another Small Victory!


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Re: Another Small Victory!

@CivalV wrote:
So im sure many read my post about Kohls finally giving me a $400 increase, bringing my Kohls MVC card to a $700 CL. The reason for the delay I am sure was due to the 30 day lates on that account and one other account.

Well as of February 22nd all of my reports are no longer showing 30 day lates. I have no clue why. So instead of MyFico saying “fair with 1 late payment in the last 2 years” it states “Good with no lates in the last 2 years”..

Now I reopened my Victoria Secret card after Comenity Closed my $0 balance $350 limit card for supposedly no use which was false but I knew they would not give me back that account. My new VS card was opened in July 18’ with a measly $150.00 limit. Used the crap out of that limit for the holidays and semi annual sales. Made multiple payments per month and left small balances reporting. My due date was the 2nd of March and statement normally cuts several days after. Well I logged into my account to see Comenity gave me a $250 increase bumping my $150 CL to $400. I will take it!! Feb-March I have received two CLIs now. Looking forward to the rest of this crazy marathon I have been running for 2 years now.

Nice work OP

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