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Approved! Truist Enjoy Beyond

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Approved! Truist Enjoy Beyond

Once the Truist site went active on Sunday, I took a look at the new offerings and decided to app for the Enjoy Beyond.  Got the "we'll email you within 2 days" reply.  I wasn't worried as I had recieved the BB&T soft pull preapproval a week ago.  Got the email approval, with $6500 limit.  Waiting for it to show in online banking to see if APR matches the BB&T preapproval.  Will post more when I receive the card.

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Re: Approved! Truist Enjoy Beyond

Grats on your new Truist approval Smiley Happy

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Re: Approved! Truist Enjoy Beyond

Congrats! It's cool to see you get something brand new. Enjoy! 

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Re: Approved! Truist Enjoy Beyond

Congratulations on your approval.

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Re: Approved! Truist Enjoy Beyond

Congratulations on your Truist Enjoy Beyond approval!

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Re: Approved! Truist Enjoy Beyond

Congrats on your "Truist" approval. EnjoySmiley Happy

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Re: Approved! Truist Enjoy Beyond

Congrats on the approval!

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Re: Approved! Truist Enjoy Beyond

Nice work! I almost forgot that Truist is now a thing. I had BB&T prior. 

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Re: Approved! Truist Enjoy Beyond

Congrts! My wife and I didn't need our BB&T/Truist accounts, but the gave us both $11k limits with a soft pull (although AU accounts don't report) back when we were getting about $2000 to $3000 instead of $30,000. They really know how to get you. It can be very slow to show up, so try not to fret. I've also never seen APR not match. I always save a screenshot or pdf of the page, but I didn't need to use it. Did you also open a no fee account with BB&T/Truist for the 10 percent rewards bonus?

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Re: Approved! Truist Enjoy Beyond

I actually opened one of the Dimension accounts.  I'll have the transactions/balance to support it, and like you said, the bonus makes up for pitiful big(ger) bank interest rates, or lack there of, on checking/savings.


Did some quick math vs Capital One 360.  At Truist few reimbursed out of network ATMs and the 10% bonus are more valuable to me than the higher interest Capital One pays.  Plus, CO are on my list currently, for never giving me a CLI.  At least from these forums, I know it's just their thing.

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