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Approved for NFCU GO Rewards

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Re: Approved for NFCU GO Rewards

@Goal_Getter wrote:
After taking you all’s advice, i paid down on at least one of my credit cards bringing my utilization down from 79% to 64%. That’s still high but I anxiously wanted to app for a NFCU card to do a balance transfer to bring the other card balances down. Well, low and behold, i applied yesterday and was approved with a starting limit of $3,300 (highest limit this far) and the balance transfers was approved as well. The starting limit is actually more than i expected. This will bring my overall utilization down significantly. I’m just happy to finally be IN IN with Navy now. Maybe in three months or so i could request CLI? Transunion was pulled with 615 FICO. My goal now is to relax and keep working on paying off balances.

Congrats on the approval! How long have you been a member with Navy?

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Re: Approved for NFCU GO Rewards

Hi, i joined about three weeks ago on November 15th.
Starting Score: 550
Current Score: 646
Goal Score: 700
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Re: Approved for NFCU GO Rewards

congrats i wish i could join NavySmiley Sad

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