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BECU Visa $40,000 Approval


BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Balance transfer shuffling time again, and while I had planned to wait until February to go for this and another card (after getting my 9 month gardening spade) I decided last night was the time to go for it.  I joined with just a share account a few months back knowing that I would eventually be going for a card with them.  Got it specifically for the 12 month 0% APR BT offer with no fees.  My scores (currently 767 EQ, 752 TU, and 745 EX) are about the lowest they have been in quite a while due to BT shuffling with high individual utilization on a few cards and double-reporting balances.  They pulled TU and used the 752 TU 08 score.  As soon as I completed the application, it went pending (after much spinning; I was afraid the page was going to time out!), but a few seconds later I thought to look at the Loan Status page and I had been conditionally approved just needing to eSign the application.  From everything I understand about BECU, this is normal and the card will hopefully appear in my online account in another day or two.


I was pleasantly surprised by the $40,000 approval right out of the gate, as that is the maximum credit line that BECU offers for credit cards.  No word yet on the APR, but I will assume it was probably 8.40%.  I'll update this thread if that is not the case.  So DPs: 752 TU 08 (down from 831 earlier this year), had 4 INQs on TU in the past year (Barclay denial in January since I didn't realize the card I went for had a rule similar to 5/24, Chase Freedom Unlimited approval in March, NFCU More Rewards approval in March, and Macy's HP CLI in June), 3 new accounts in the past year (CFU and More Rewards in March, Macy's in May), overall util in very low teens, sufficient enough income for credit card purposes.  I'm pretty happy with the results, and that puts me at just over $1.1 million in total revolving limits.  Smiley Surprised


Edit:  Forgot the obligatory screenshot.  I'll update when it actually shows in my account.


Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 6.49.08 PM.png

Update:  Confirmed 8.40% APR.

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Congratulations on your approval!
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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Congrats on your new BECU Visa card!

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Congratulations on that massive approval
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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval


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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval


@K-in-Boston  .. Monster SL!


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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Congrats!  BECU gave me 10.90% and my credit scores were as good or a little better than those.  I'm at 803 now.  I so badly wanted the under 10% on their basic card I applied for.  But hey, now I have BECU, NFCU and PenFed, all under 11% APR.  Some excellent approvals from the big boy CUs lately.

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Congrats on the card and the massive starting limit! 🎉🎄🎉🎄🎉

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Current Scores

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Re: BECU Visa $40,000 Approval

Wow congrats K!  Huge approval.  

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