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CSP w/ $29.5k CL and 80k point Bonus!

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CSP w/ $29.5k CL and 80k point Bonus!

Finally made my way into Chase credit cards! Was instantly approved for the CSP at a $29,500 limit, which was unbelievable with my credit history (only 14 months).

Had the following cards when I applied:
AMEX PRG — opened 11/2017
AMEX Green — opened 11/2017
AMEX everyday — 11/2017, $3k limit
Discover IT — 4/2017, $4k limit

Also have a 36mo (unsecured) car loan for about $22k that was opened in July 2017. Authorized user on two other cards, both with a bit more history. But the discover IT was the first credit I had in my name opened last year. No previous history, and never a negative remark.

Credit scores were all in the 760-770 range, as I dropped my balances and utilization over the last 2 months. I’ve also been banking with them since 2017, but had no preapprovals/prequalified offers. I was worried I wouldn’t get approved at all since I’ve heard you need at least 1 year of history and another card with $5k+ limit. I was thrilled that I was approved, and dumbfounded when I saw a starting CL 3x my other two CCs combined. And to top it off, I got the 50k/$4k spend sign up bonus plus an extra 30k points for $20k spend in the first year. So excited to have this card coming!
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Re: CSP w/ $29.5k CL and 80k point Bonus!

That's HUGE! Congrats on your Chase score!

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Re: CSP w/ $29.5k CL and 80k point Bonus!

Very impressive with your other cards/limit for chase to be so generous.. Congrats

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Re: CSP w/ $29.5k CL and 80k point Bonus!

Congrats on approval.


Do you mind sharing number of inquires on EX and income range ?

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Re: CSP w/ $29.5k CL and 80k point Bonus!

Congrats on Approval and monster SL

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Re: CSP w/ $29.5k CL and 80k point Bonus!

Thanks!! Yeah, I was happy to be approved, and still think there must have been an error on the huge starting limit.

As for hard inquiries, I had 5 on EX in the last 12mos, not sure last 24.... maybe 8? And last inquiry was during my spree in November when I opened all 3 of my Amex cards in a day (only 1 hard pull since they were same day). Income is high 200s, but unsure if that actually plays a part. Both Amex and Discover started me with $1k limits and I’ve been diligent about timing my CLIs with both to maximize increase amounts.
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Re: CSP w/ $29.5k CL and 80k point Bonus!

I’d say income was definitely a factor in the SL but your history with Amex and Discover (they essentially piloted you as a credit consumer) helped in the overall approval.

Fantastic credit journey. Awesome starting line.


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Re: CSP w/ $29.5k CL and 80k point Bonus!

Congratulations on your Chase approval!! Awesome SL for you

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