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Cap 1 CLI success story

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Re: Cap 1 CLI success story

IECredit wrote:

So I contacted the same Rep from the Cap One Executive Office yesterday, whom I spoke with in March. She had told me to give her a call back in a few months and she would put in for another CLI for me. Previous CLI were only 250$ and today she called me back and Bam both accounts raised to $2500. Smiley Happy I wish they would combine both my limits or one day PC to a Venture card but she stated it wasn't possible at this time and to check back in a few months. Ill take the CLI and keep them in the SD till I get the 5K I'm requesting! This isn't to shabby taking into consideration my limits 6 months ago were $500 and $750. I'm not sure if its because my scores have increased alot and UTI down to below 8% or there getting tired of me but anyhow I love this Rep Smiley Wink.


Below are the increases I've received in the past 6 months via EX Office.



$1000 to $2500

$1250 to $2500



$750 to $1000

$1000 to $1250



$500 to $750

$750 to $1000



 photo C1_zps6470054d.jpg

CONGRATS!!! Smiley Happy

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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