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Cap One auto CLI!

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Cap One auto CLI!

Like so many others here I have a bucketed Cap One QS $600 (started at $300). I've earned some coveted $100 increases in the past and then lately denials for "too many recent inquiries." 

I literally just received another denial letter yesterday, then woke up this morning to a huge (for Cap One anyway lol) auto CLI to $3600. 

Lesson learned, stop asking for CLI from Cap One, period. Now I regret asking for one on my Walmart MC last month since that was approved (they gave $250 increase which I was thinking was better than $100 lol). Whatever computer analysis they use to make decisions for customer requests is obviously different than the unprompted ones. 

I've seen posts recently about this same topic, but just wanted to add to the DP.



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Re: Cap One auto CLI!

Congratulations screamer emoticon.gif ..

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Re: Cap One auto CLI!

Congratulations 🎊🎈🎉 on your CAP1 CLI.

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Re: Cap One auto CLI!

Congrats on Cap 1 success! 

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Re: Cap One auto CLI!

Congratulations on your Capital One auto-CLI!

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Re: Cap One auto CLI!

Congrats!! I'm so jealous! lol

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Re: Cap One auto CLI!


Theres hope in mudville

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Re: Cap One auto CLI!

Congrats on the nice bump!!

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Re: Cap One auto CLI!

Now you've made me feel like a loser.   Smiley LOL I was so excited that my Cap One Quicksilver, which began with a $300 SL, ending up with a $800 CL, was auto increased to a $2,300 CL this weekend.   I was very pleased with a $1,500 auto CLI, compared to the three $100 CLIs over the last couple of years.  But congratulations on your very generous CLI from Capital One.

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Re: Cap One auto CLI!

Once heck of an increase out of Cap-1, they have open the spigots again Smiley Happy

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