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CreditOne Bank CLI


CreditOne Bank CLI

So IDK whats wrong with people bashing CreditOne? So i called them about the annual fee on my starter card with a 600 limit and then they went through the its a monthly fee and it can not be changed. So I'm like well I guess its time for it to go. They transferred me to the best specialist ever LOL. You love them and hate them. They offered me a 200$ cli refunded a monthly fee and waived it for 6 months.


THEN lol he was like I see you have another account can I take a look? I'm like sure he then was like I have a deal for you, 200$ increase to 1000$ and refund of 7.80. I'm like ok ill accept, then hes like i see you have another account LOL. I'm like I do I just accepted your offer like yesterday for another 1000$. Hes like can i take a peek? LOL I'm like sure why not. So he comes back I have an offer for the holidays we will give you an extra 100$ increase and lower your apr to a more as they say favorable, and he said as they say lol, to 18.9% from 21 WOW!!! lol I PIF anyway lol but Ive had them since 2019 got the second card in 2020 and just got the 3rd yesterday so they do work. He was impressed with my payment history that was the kicker I think. I barely use the card but now I might with an extra $2800 from Creditone Bank!

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Re: CreditOne Bank CLI

Grats on your Credit one trifecta of increases!

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Re: CreditOne Bank CLI

Congratulations on your Credit One CLIs!

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Re: CreditOne Bank CLI

As long as they keep waiving the additional fees, you may as well let the cards grow and age. As Credit One seems to be trying to nudge into higher credit profiles, hopefully they'll just end the AFs and set you up with a $5K CL next call in!



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Re: CreditOne Bank CLI

Congratulations on your approval!! 👏🏼🎉🍾

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Re: CreditOne Bank CLI

Congratulations on the approval!!

Current Cards:
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Re: CreditOne Bank CLI

Credit One is good for what they're good for. Rebuilder cards that sometimes come with insane fees (Annual, monthly, inactivity, no grace period on interest, etc.). For some people, this is the price they have to pay to begin a credit rebuild. If they're treating you well by giving out some CLIs and waving some fees, good for you. Congrats!

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Re: CreditOne Bank CLI

Congratulations on getting the "best specialist ever."

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Re: CreditOne Bank CLI

Grats on your C1 CLI !!

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Re: CreditOne Bank CLI

Congrats on your CreditOne success. 👍🏼


More people need to pay attention to other's posts about CreditOne and how not all of their cards have fees anymore.

Mine does not.

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