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Chase Southwest Priority Approved

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Re: Chase Southwest Priority Approved

@MrPSS wrote:

Congrats on the approval and very nice SL!! Welcome to the Chase Club!


A few points for you going forward with this Southwest Chase card:

This card is going to be a huge benefit to you -- you'll love it!!


a) the $75 southwest travel credit posts to your account immediately after a southwest purchase.

b) in addition, the four upgraded boardings per year will also post to your account immediately after purchasing the upgrades with your southwest card. Use these! They are very nice to have in cases where you may have to switch your flight last minute and get a less than ideal boarding position.

c) once you obtain additional Chase credit cards, you can reallocate your limits between those accounts simply by writing to Chase via the secure message center. ie. Your southwest card has a limit of $9K and you get approval for CSR with $10k SL. You can then move $5K from the SW Priority to the CSR and have a $15K CSR and $4K SW priority. It's a good benefit to have and know about. 




Thank you so much for the info. I thought Chase didn't allow CL transfers from card to card but this would be great for when I come out of the garden after a few months!

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Re: Chase Southwest Priority Approved

Fun with Chase!  Congrats on the decent SL.


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