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Comenity Overstock CLI x2!

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Comenity Overstock CLI x2!

I've had this card since October 2018. Heard about the CLI on approval from this board, but tried it with no success. Have hit the increase button every month since opening with no success...just that 7-10 day letter saying not enough time at current limit. Today it finally worked...TWICE! From a SL of $500 to $1300! Thought, why not log out/log in and try again...and what do you know, upped to $2100! I'm too scared to give it another go and I'm thrilled with the increase so I'm slowing my roll (until next month maybe?!? LOL!)! I used the card for about $500 total since opened with only one month reporting a balance ever.

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Re: Comenity Overstock CLI x2!

hopefully they don't perform 2 hard pulls for those two CLIs.



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Re: Comenity Overstock CLI x2!

I have no alerts. I asked over the phone last month when I requested a CLI and was told it would be a new soft pull or they would go off of their last account review soft pull so I didn't hesitate.

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Re: Comenity Overstock CLI x2!

Congrats on your 2x increase! I hit the luv button just about every 30 days. They have been good to me Smiley Happy


4/14/18 EQ: 653 TU: 666 EX: 669

9/29/18 EQ:729 EX:712 TU: 715

7/14/19 EQ:754 EX:733 TU: 755
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Re: Comenity Overstock CLI x2!

COngrats on CLI 2x !!!!!


3-2019 / Fico 8 EX 802 , EQ 803 , TR 805
Amex ED 22k , CSP 17k , Discover iT 12.5k , Fifth Third Bank S2C 12k , BofA Cash Rewards 10k , Avianca Vida 10k , State Farm Good Neighbor Visa 10k , Citi DD 6k , Union Bank Rewards 5k
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Re: Comenity Overstock CLI x2!

this is awesome! i also have an Overstock store card and was recently given a $500 CLI (increased CL from $250 to $750) although in that case i didn't request it. i believe they did so due to months of account incativity on the card to encourage usage. it worked. HAHA


i made a new purchase and have already paid the account in full again. maybe i'll take a chance on the LUV button and see what happens too. **fingers crossed**


***UPDATE** i just tried it and got this message:


"Thank you for your request. We are reviewing the information provided and will contact you within 7-10 business days. If you have any questions about your account, please send us a message via Secure Message Center or call Customer Care at 1-855-810-2546 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918)."


should i be worried????? :-( 

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Re: Comenity Overstock CLI x2!

It's definitely a denial, but nothing to be worried about.
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Re: Comenity Overstock CLI x2!

i can take a denial with no HP. i hardly use the card anyway. LOL



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Re: Comenity Overstock CLI x2!

Congrats on the x2 CLIs!

Starting Scores FICO 8 (Feb '18):
EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545

Current Scores

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Re: Comenity Overstock CLI x2!


AmEx BCE 10k
PNC points visa 4k
CapOne QS1. 1.5k
Citi DC. 1.5k
Discover it. 2k
Am Ex Gold
Kohl’s. $1.5k
Amazon Store. 4.5k
Overstock. 13.6k
Boscovs. 14k
Total CL. 52,600
PNC personal loan 4500 down to 1250
oldest credit 18 months, newest 5 months
* 2% card utilization 

As of 11/1/18

As of 1/1/19

As of 5/1/19
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