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Disco 2nd card HoHoHo

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Disco 2nd card HoHoHo

Still rebuilding after 4 years, and thought why cant i get a 2nd Discover. i prequalified many times over the last few months. Started just after rebuild began, only got 800.00 then, creeped 1st card to like 9k almost. Just got a 2nd NFCU amex last week, denied by BOA though. Just checked the CL and was astonished, 16k wow. Almost though it was denied, it took the whole 60 seconds in app. from 450 to 726. 500 in starter cards to, are you ready? 200k. Happy New Year to all the credit challenged.

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Re: Disco 2nd card HoHoHo

Wow...fantastic SL on your second Discover.

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Re: Disco 2nd card HoHoHo


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