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Discover Quadrunner?

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Discover Quadrunner?

It's been awhile since I've post here, very busy 2019.  I've been very inactive with the all the activity that makes this such a great and fun place to visit.  I did a recent refi on my VA loan and  wanted to see if I could get a few APR reductions on any of my cards. I missed the activity but initially didn't want any new accounts.


 So I started off by requesting and receiving a $4.5k sp cli on my Citi DC which increased my limit to $15.2k. Yesterday I sent a secure message to NFCU and asked for a APR reduction on my cash rewards card and it was reduced from 13.65% to 11.65%, I can live with that. I then became bolder and chatted with AMEX and was able to reduce my BCE from 18.99% to 13.99%, no promo (big smile). Looked at my capital one(sigh).


I then looked at prequals for Chase (never) and for fun checked Discover; low and behold I saw a preapproval for 14 months @ 0%, 13.74% therafter. I decided to pull the trigger and had to call to verify that I actually applied. I was approved with a SL of $7.5K and cashback match. This became my fourth Disco approval over the years. my first one was in 2015 for $1k @20.99 which I cancelled without even using. I tried again in 2016 and was again approved for $1k @19.99 which I accepted and was able to grow to $4.5k. In 2018 I applied and received another approval for $1k @ 13.99 which I accepted, giving me two active accounts. I was given a cli to $2k on the new account at 60 days. I proceeded to  close the $4500 card with the higher APR and transferred that limit to my 2018 card for a total of $7.5k.  After 6 months of trying, they finally gave me a $500 cli. bringing my limit to $8K. Numerous cli denials later I was finally approved two weeks ago,  for a cli of $2k bring my limit to $10k. I guess at some point I'll try to combine the two current cards and in about 18 months I'll go for round 5.  






EX08: 750(12)inqs, TU08: 739 (11)inqs, EQ08: 731 (7)inqs. 4% util., $169,450 spread across 10 cards. THE DIRT: (1) 60 days late-9/13, (2) 30 days late-7/13 as of 6/8/18
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Re: Discover Quadrunner?

My word you did all kinds of stuff....and it worked.  I like that you can combine, good luck and congrats on the fourth approval.

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Re: Discover Quadrunner?





popcorn eating emoticon.gif
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Re: Discover Quadrunner?


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Re: Discover Quadrunner?

Congratulations on your approval!

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Amazon Prime Store Card: $5,000
Overstock Store Card: $4,550
FNBO Rewards Visa: $2,600

Wishlist Cards:
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Re: Discover Quadrunner?

Thanks all, yes Laura I was busy, lol, I received all the info and training from reading this website. 

EX08: 750(12)inqs, TU08: 739 (11)inqs, EQ08: 731 (7)inqs. 4% util., $169,450 spread across 10 cards. THE DIRT: (1) 60 days late-9/13, (2) 30 days late-7/13 as of 6/8/18
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Re: Discover Quadrunner?


You were really running the CSRs through their paces today, haha!



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Re: Discover Quadrunner?

Somebody's been busy

Congrats !

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- One miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible
- One hundred dollars in rubles
- One hundred dollars in gold
- Nine packs of chewing gum
- One issue of prophylactics
- Three lipsticks
- Three pair of nylon stockings.

Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

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Re: Discover Quadrunner?

Congrats ! ! !

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Re: Discover Quadrunner?

Congrats on your approval and all of your other progress!

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