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Fifth Third Truly Simple - TU 734, CL $4000

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Fifth Third Truly Simple - TU 734, CL $4000

(Mostly posting this to add a data point for the next person who might apply.)


Applied from one of the many pre-approval letters from Fifth Third.

Applied on 4/17, TransUnion score (734) pulled on the 19th.  (And account opened on that date).

But no notification that the account was opened until the card arrived 15 days later.  (Not even an e-mail confirming my application.)


Letter said interest would be between 14.24% and 25.24%.  I was assigned 20.24%.


Overall utilization around 9% at the point I applied.  Nothing "bad" on my credit report, but 2 cards maxed out.  One on a 0% deal and one with a $1000 limit that I charged $1000 for the sign-up bonus.


I got this card for the 15 month 0% and obviously would have liked a higher limit.  I don't know if $4k is "normal" or if my 2 maxed out cards conspired against me.  (Not complaining.  Just offering data.)


I've talked with two different CSRs so far; once yesterday to ask if there was a problem since I hadn't received the card and today to activate the card and ask to change my due date.  Both were competent and professional.


It does seem that to set up automatic payment from a non-5/3rd account requires mailing in a form.  That seems a bit antiquated.


Also, although the pre-approval letter had my correct street address (let's say "123 NW T St") when I entered the code at their website they displayed "123 T" and it wasn't a field I could change.  Both the FICO notice and my credit card was mailed to that street address.  (At least the 9-digit ZIP remained correct.)  When I called yesterday, the CSR said the address looked OK on his screen.  Today perhaps a more knowledgable CSR said they had 2 different address systems and his screen looked OK but the system that generated these mailings had to be corrected by a supervisor.  (Again, not how I'd design the computer system.)




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Re: Fifth Third Truly Simple - TU 734, CL $4000

Congratulations!!  & Thanks for posting Data Points.

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Re: Fifth Third Truly Simple - TU 734, CL $4000

I only got $4k and was told that cli reviews are done annually are not available for request.


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Re: Fifth Third Truly Simple - TU 734, CL $4000


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