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So I have been in the process of rebuilding for a few years now after my BK7 discharged in 3/08. Credit at that time was horrible but had a spouse with stellar credit. She cosigned for a couple auto loans through the years until we divorced in 12/11. Fast forward an over the past 6 months I have gotten all three bureaus as of yesterday 1/23 into the 700 club! So freaking excited to join the club finally. I just opened a Barclay Rewards, a CapOne Cash Rewards and now last night a Platinum Rewards through my credit union with a 3500 limit! 3x's my largest limit. I have several rebuilder cards I used to keep balances on now all ablances are zero and PIF each month. I must admit my income has greatly increased since 2011 so this has helped pay thingd down and get the scores up. I will note however the only card I applied for and got denied was a discover more card. Anyways here's my list in order of age and now I am back to gardening until I buy my house later this year.


CapOne Platinum-1000





CapOne Cash Rewards-1000

Barclays Rewards-1000

PSCU Platinum Rewards-3500


And all PIF each month. Score went from 628 on all 3 bureaus, which I have never seen, in May of 2012 when I bought my truck to 708 EQ, 714 TU, 700 EX, all lender pulled yesterday looking into mortgage. And not even 5 years yet after BK. Feeling good about it. On a side note I have had more than a few installment loans through my credit union and they are a true resource when rebuilding. Hope this helps someone who's trying to rebuild. CHEERS


Rebuilding from BK7 in January of 08
Multiple auto loans since
Current scores: 711 EQ, 714 TU, 700 EX
Goal Scores: 720+ on all 3
Card Mix:
CapOne Plat-1000
Credit One-500(CLOSED)
CapOne Cash Reward-1500
Barclay Rewards-3500
PSCU Plat Rewards-3500
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Moderator Emerita

Re: Finally!!

Congratulations on your hard work. I am sure you are done apping for awhile ESP if you are thinking about a mortgage. Your current cards will age nicely ( Ge cards are known for generous CLI's)  and since you have rebuilt your profile I am positive more prime cards are in your future. 

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