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Love me some Pen Fed

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Love me some Pen Fed

Well since I was on an app spree, hit up Pen Fed.....Approved for the Amex Travel rewards.....18K at 10.24


So with all my new apps


USAA 40K on 2 cards

Amex 18K on 2 cards



I applied for citi, chase and barclays....All denied......I'm thinking to hell with their high rates, sorry rewards and low CL

My Wallet: NFCU CR Visa 22K, USAA Amex 12K, DIscover IT 15K, PenFed Amex 18k, USAA Sig Visa 20K, USAA Amex 20K, Amex Hilton 9K, Amex BCP 9K, NFCU GR Visa 8K
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Re: Love me some Pen Fed

Congrats !!!

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Re: Love me some Pen Fed

Congrats to you, op!  Mighty nice approval to add to your other terrific cards!  You don't need those other guys! Smiley Happy

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Re: Love me some Pen Fed

Congratulations on your approvals, I'm a big fan of PenFed also.  They along with NFCU have been shown me alot more love in the last two years than WF showed in over two of decades. No trickery, just good customer service.


I've become a fan of credit unions and personally have no use for any of the bailout boys.   In fact, I replaced my chase and barclay cards with PenFed and USAA cards with better rewards for my lifestyle so I agree, the hell with their productsSmiley Wink. Again, kudos to you.

EX08: 750(12)inqs, TU08: 739 (11)inqs, EQ08: 731 (7)inqs. 4% util., $169,450 spread across 10 cards. THE DIRT: (1) 60 days late-9/13, (2) 30 days late-7/13 as of 6/8/18
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Re: Love me some Pen Fed

Great job Will!!!  Now thats a Happy Thanksgiving and Major Congrats to you!!! Smiley Happy

PS: You dont see Citi or Chase on my List either!  Barclays I use for my utilities & PIF every month. Smiley Wink

USAA Rate Advantage Visa 17.5% 7K|USAA AMEX Rewards+ 5K|USAA Prefered Rewards Visa 4.5K|USAA Classic Visa 2.5K|USAA Classic AMEX 2.5K|USAA Classic MC 2K|CaptialOne QS1 4.5K|Capial One QS Visa 1K|AMEX-EDC 1K|BofA Rewards VISA 10K| BarclayCard Rewards 4K|Barclaycard Choice Rewards Visa 1.4K|Walmart Store Card 6K|Amazon Store Card 4K|Sam's Club 10K|Meriick Visa 1.2K|OverStock 2K|Hilton-AMEX 5K|AMEX BCE 16K|PENFED PRVS 9K|AMEX PRG NSPL|FICOs: EQ 688 EXP 679 TU 685
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Re: Love me some Pen Fed

PenFed is fantastic! Big congratulations!

Daily Drivers: Penfed Platinum Rewards; NFCU GoRewards; Discover..
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