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Lowest score Neiman Marcus approval!

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Lowest score Neiman Marcus approval!

First time poster, but this is too crazy not to tell someone.

some background, currently my score is barely 600. I've been responsible the past couple years and have three capital one cards (secured, BuyPower, and QS1) with a combined limit of 2k. Clearly nothing to write home about. I have a few other various low end low limit comenity/sync store cards I've accumulated over the last two years, some very recent. Utilization currently at 42%, and two 4+ year old medical collections.

I was buying something on neimans online today and decided on a whim I'd try for one more card before the holidays. Got the pending, "call us to complete application message" and thought welp alright, time to reign it in for a year. Called in, answered two questions, approved for $700!

I'm convinced my relationship with capital one is what pulled that through, because the last time I checked my scores a month ago it was 606/602/605. I can't BELIEVE I got in the door with scores that low.

Definitely done for now, but isn't that crazy!
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Re: Lowest score Neiman Marcus approval!

Congrats!  The baddies lessen the impact with age.  A couple years of responsible credit can go a long way.  again congrats!

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Re: Lowest score Neiman Marcus approval!

Looks to be you're being rewarded for being good for two years. Smiley Wink Sometimes, all we need is to get our foot in the door, and then we can use it to bust that door wide open! LOL! Congratulations! You've earned it. Smiley Happy
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Re: Lowest score Neiman Marcus approval!

Congrats! I can't wait to be able to apply for a few store cards in a few months.

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