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Mlife (FNBO) Approval - Finally

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Mlife (FNBO) Approval - Finally

Apped on 7-28 for the Mlife. Got the 2-4 week message. Underwriting called today for verification answers. Got email of approval @ 5:41 PM ... $3500 SL ... Guess "I'm in" Smiley Happy


Now have both the Total Rewards (Caesars) and now the Mlife. It was a little bit of karma to get this approval on the Mlife. This past weekend Comenity (TR) would not authorize a CL increase on my TR. Still sits at initial SL of $1000. You better believe I'm going to pay off my outstanding balance on the TR and "drawer" it and use my Mlife exclusively until Comenity comes to their senses!! ... Matter of fact, Comenity can $^#$% up their @*% ... Smiley Happy


FICO Scores:


Equifax (source DCU) 696 (07/26) --- I think they use the Mortgage 4/5 version.

Equifax (source NFCU) 655 FICO 9 (07/09)

Equifax (source Citi) 641 BankCard 8 (06/29)

Experian (Exp site) 678 FICO 8 (07/28)


Inq: TU 7; EQ (I think around 10); EX 9

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Re: Mlife (FNBO) Approval - Finally

Congrats on the approval.  FNBO is a great lending instiution.  SP CLI offers ever 4 months, etc.. enjoy

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Re: Mlife (FNBO) Approval - Finally

Yup, FNBO is a superior bank to Comenity, grats on getting in. Smiley Happy

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Re: Mlife (FNBO) Approval - Finally

Thank u gdale and CC!! ... I'm already liking this relationship with FNBO and we haven't left for the honeymoon yet!! Smiley Wink

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Re: Mlife (FNBO) Approval - Finally

Additionally, I have Sagestream, ARS & Innovis frozen ... that seems to really help with FBNO approvals if you freeze them ...

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Re: Mlife (FNBO) Approval - Finally

Congrats on your approval....Can you share who they pulled..Thanks

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Re: Mlife (FNBO) Approval - Finally



They pulled Experian ... They pull EX in most states. Only a couple I've heard where they pull EQ (think it was Colorado & MA)

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Re: Mlife (FNBO) Approval - Finally

Congrats on Mlife approval.  I have that card on my radar


In addition to TR and MLife, are there any other casino cards out there?

3/2016 EX 644 CK-TU 642 CK-EQ 660 WalMart- 671.
>12/2019 CCT EX 815 TU 824 EQ 825
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Re: Mlife (FNBO) Approval - Finally

"Comenity can $^#$% up their @*% ... "



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Re: Mlife (FNBO) Approval - Finally

Congratulations!!!   Smiley Happy
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