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NFCU nRewards Secured Approval

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NFCU nRewards Secured Approval

Applied for the nRewards with NFCU since I just got discharged from a BK7. 

Was instantly approved online for the $200 I chose to deposit.




Will be getting an SSL soon.


TU: 517

AAoA: 5yrs

INQ: 2

Income: $11.5k


Now I have my 3 cards, so hopefully I can start gardening soon.



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Re: NFCU nRewards Approval

Great start. Treat that card well and I'm sure in a little while NFCU will open up more cards for you in the future! 

Tradelines: Penfed Power Cash Rewards - $10k, Ethan Allen (TD Bank) - $5.7k, Kay Jewelers - $5.5k, Best Buy (Citi) - $5k, Jared - $4.5k, Macy’s - $4k, Appliances Connection - $3.8k, Dell Preferred Account - $3.5k, Samsung - $3.2k , Capital One Platinum - $3k, Firestone CFNA - $2.4k, Mercury MC - $2.25k, Williams Sonoma - $2.1k, Wayfair (Fortiva) - $2k CareCredit - $1.5k, Amex Delta Gold (AU) - $1k, Sam’s Club MC - $1k, Amazon Store Card - $600, Ollo MC - $600, Mission Lane Visa - $500, NFCU cashRewards - $500, NY & Company - $500, Home Depot - $500, Target RED Card - $500, CapOne Secured MC 0 AF - $500, Penfed Overdraft LOC - $500

Current FICOS: EX - 701, EQ - 693, TU - 690
Ch 7 BK D/C Aug 2019
Starting scores: EX - 534, EQ - 574, TU - 516
Total TLs: $65k
Total Utilization: 5%
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Re: NFCU nRewards Approval

Congratulations on your NFCU approval!

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Currently: 2/6, 2/12, 5/24
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Re: NFCU nRewards Approval

Congrats on the new card!


The 3 revolvers I've understood is a great plateau to garden with!


I wish I'd done what you did (acquired a second card) instead of getting a tiny secured loan that I never use, go figure.. loaning myself $100. Smiley LOL

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Re: NFCU nRewards Approval

Congratulations on the Nfcu approval!

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Re: NFCU nRewards Approval

Congrats on the great approval and first step (of many future CLI's) into Navy!

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Costco Anywhere VISA//Lowes Advantage
Next Cards (4th QTR 2022):
Navy Flagship Rewards VISA//Chase Sapphire Preferred
Scores: 700's // Inq's: 1 for mortgage // Util: 1% // AoOA: 21 yrs

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Re: NFCU nRewards Secured Approval

@Total80sKid, Congratulations on your nRewards approval👍

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Re: NFCU nRewards Secured Approval

Congrats! This is a good place to start, I went through the same process around this time last year. They are very good about auto upgrading around the 6 month mark, I started with $500 on mine and when I graduated to NRewards unsecured they gave me an initial limit of $2,000. Something to remember: They pull your EX report for initial account, but moving forward when you apply for new cards they will pull TU-so make sure it is in order before you apply for another card. My credit history was very very bad, and after a year I applied for the More Rewards AMEX through NFCU and I got instant approval for $25,000. Keep up the good work, NFCU is very generous as long as you are responsible with them.

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Re: NFCU nRewards Secured Approval

Grats on your new nRewards approval!

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Re: NFCU nRewards Secured Approval

Been there, done that and it worked out great!  Congrats.

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