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NRA Baby! Going Gas Hunting.

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Re: NRA Baby! Going Gas Hunting.

@trusty Congrats on the approval! I wanted this card but Costco cheap gas +4% Costco Visa for me can't be beat by any other card. That and the fact that I'm in the minority of firearm owners who actively oppose the NRA, but that's not for our purpose here anyways.

Thanks for mentioning lowering cash advance limit. As someone who takes more precautions & preventative measures with information security than the average Joe (no offense @AJC) I feel stupid for not having ever thought about reducing my risk profile from this particular type of card fraud. Not that I'd be liable in the end anyways but somehow I'd feel better if I caught say a couple hundred dollar charge to the card VS a card ring using a Vegas atm to cash advance a couple grand off my card.

Assuming security is your intention in doing so. For all I know you might just not want the option to be avail to you. Never advanced myself but I've know others to get trapped in floating them. Way to go on the card!
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