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Hey Everyone! Newbie here. Just got approved for a 7k limit via SCT. I was wondering how you guys are requesting a CLI? I'm navigating on the overstock page on my account and can't seem to find anything. Help please! Smiley Happy

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Re: Approval and CLI!

Congrats to you !!!

Fico 8's TU 756/ EQ 754/ EX 743- 8/2020// AAoA 5.7 years // Lines August 2020 = 619k Personal - Business 61k // Inquiries 6 TU - 0 Exp - 0 Eq.
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Re: Approval and CLI!

Congrats!  There are many good deals on Overstock...enjoy!

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Re: Approval

Hi there OP,

I have created your own thread on the approval as the one you posted in is an older thread. I changed the title and left everything else intact. Grats on the new card Smiley Happy
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Re: Approval

@Anonymous wrote:

Hey Everyone! Newbie here. Just got approved for a 7k limit via SCT. I was wondering how you guys are requesting a CLI? I'm navigating on the overstock page on my account and can't seem to find anything. Help please! Smiley Happy

Congratulations to you!...Thanks for sharing.Smiley LOL

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Re: Approval

Thank you! And I think I figured out how to request a CLI, just need to wait for my card to arrive! lol

Also was approved via SCT for Lenovo, J. Crew, Brylane Home, & Pottery Barn!
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Re: Approval

Congrats. You request for an increase after creating your online account which you will need your account number. After registering your account, just press the credit limit increase button and it will ask for your income and then will give you another 300-500. I was recently approved for 7000 and asked for an increase and was given an extra 300 dollars. ..your card should arrived in about 4-5 business days
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Re: Approval

Congratz Nice SL for a SP card.


Is it a store card or mastercard or visa?


Can you see the Limit before you accept anything?


I always get the popup but never can see the limit.

250k+ CL and climbing.
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Re: Approval

It's just a store card unfortunately, but still helping my overall credit limit now... & know, I wish it would tell you. From everywhere that worked for me, only Brylane Home told me. Here's my other post for reference & the link if you want more info from others:

Hello Everyone!

Super excited for the SCT I never knew about. So within the past three days, here are my results:

Approved after pre-approval pop-up:

Pottery Barn: 3500
Overstock: 7000
J. Crew: 1450
Brylane Home: 500
Lenovo: 5500

All of my approvals, I checked out as a guest. Most gave me the option to make an account login with the them after checkout. Also important to note, on most pre-approvals, I added at least 1000 to the cart first (except overstock). For overstock, I used auto fill & it popped up literally within a second. For Lenovo, I added over 10k to the cart first. For J. Crew, I only added about $100 with a belt and a wallet. Wish I would have added more to the J. Crew cart for a possible higher SL with them.

Stores that I couldn't get the pre-approval pop-up & I tried:

Victoria's Secret (tried several times & different browsers to no luck)
Bath & Body Works (also tried several times & got nothing)
Crate & Barrel
Sportsmans Guide (whatever it's called lol)
Buckle (really wanted this one too since they have nice stuff!)
King Size Direct (nothing would fit me here anyways)
Ashley Stewart
Ann Taylor
Barnes & Noble
Eddie Bauer

Will probably try Orchard Supply Hardware later since there's one in my area I can shop at.

I already made a small online purchase with all cards except Pottery Barn. Once my cards arrive, I'm planning on requesting a CLI, at least with Overstock, since I've heard they're generous with CLI.

Just wanted to share my results to possibly help others.

I AAOA has taken a huge dive, but I will be gardening for now! Already have about 12 other revolvers all with no balance & PIF each month. For pre-approvals, my FICO was about 699-744. It has changed drastically since I just got hard inquires & approvals for Macy's Amex in store (4,400) & Walmart Mastercard online (2,200). My oldest account is a CapOne secured for four years, but other than that all my revolvers are less than a year old. Also got a share secured loan via Allaint to help my credit mix.

I'm assuming these were all SP for my pre-approval since I have not been notified by Credit Karma or Amex Credit Secure, but will update with results once my new accounts all report.

Hope this info is able to help others! 😀

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