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Second Disco card

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Re: Second Disco card

Not sure on the third card.. What you could do is try to move the limit of the small card to the new card when you are eligible, then close the first card... But they might just allow you to have a third card if its buisness.. Not sure.. Dont know of many folks who have the biz Disco... 

That said.. there have been reports of a 4506-T / FR as of late.... Something to keep in mind.....




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Re: Second Disco card

I dont recall reading anyone with a Disco business and 2 personal. I could be mistaken but i would imagine people going bizerk trying to gsme Disco that way lol. How many times we hear of Amex and biz Chase and biz, all the time, Disco, basically neverSmiley Wink

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Re: Second Disco card


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