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Snagged the BOA Premium Rewards!

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Re: Snagged the BOA Premium Rewards!

@streetcred-it wrote:

Today I took the plunge and applied for the BOA PR card. The night before, I was perusing my boa accounts online and saw that I had a special offer for the PR card, with the 50,000 pt SUB. I’m somewhat new to credit, so wasn’t completely confident in my chances and had read that PR can be hit or miss in terms of approvals. I did it by phone as I was out grabbing some food.


Took about 10 mins. Most of it was listening to prerecorded T&Cs. Instant approval for $21,000. They pulled EX. I currently have a BOA CR at $25,100. Total exposure $46.1k. My plan is to apply for the AMEX PLAT in next couple days, which for me will complete my CC arsenal. I don’t see a need for any others in my lifetime, unless someone could convince me otherwise. My other cards are DISC IT and AMEX rose gold. 


Here are my stats in case this helps anyone:

BOA customer over 20 years

PR PH client x 3 years

Started a ME account in Feb this yr. Before that I was moving money back and forth to maintain PH status

CR card 2 years old in March, was my first cc ever, disc and Amex came about 6 months after

No inquiries in 12 months, 2/24

FICO 744 EX 751 TU

1 60 day late that is 6 years old, student loan



Congrats!  Love your name!

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Re: Snagged the BOA Premium Rewards!


@seattletravels wrote:

Congrats!  Love your name!

Thanks! Bingeing on old school gangster movies provided inspo.


Update:  Applied for the AMEX PLAT yesterday. Did it by phone. Instant approval. No HP. I asked for a 100k MR SUB citing coronavirus restrictions on travel. Told no but 60k SUB offer will extend an additional 3 months. Card showed up on my doorstep TODAY!  BOA PR card also arrived today. So 1 day vs 6 day turnaround, respectively. 


That is all for my mini- haul. Will slither back into lurkdom and maintain my 5 cards. I’ll peek in from time to time. Considering a mortgage in next 2-3 years. 


Thanks and keep safe everyone.

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Re: Snagged the BOA Premium Rewards!

Congratulations on your BofA and Amex Platinum approvals!

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Goal Cards:

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