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Target Red Card Auto CLI

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Target Red Card Auto CLI

Their letter will be in my mailbox today according to USPS Informed Delivery but already found out about it from an Experian free membership alert. Had this card four years. Started at 300 then auto to 500 within the first year where it stayed until my most recent statement cut. It is now at 700. Not much but I'll take it!

So through unfortunate timing in CC reporting my balance transfer card was showing high utilization BEFORE the cards whose balances I had transferred reported as 0 so my report looked a mess so I dont think TD Bank used that as any factor in the CLI. My only baddie on my reports is a 30 day late on this Red Card that just hit 2 years old this month finally!

Additional DPs: I did have two payments 7 and 9 months ago on this card where I slipped up and submitted online payment after their cutoff time on the due date. The one 7 months ago I realized that when that happens I can call in a payment and still have it count for that day. And since then I started paying early regardless as I began working on my credit. Last time they waived my late payment fee and neither were late enough to go on my report but still terrible on my part. So they definitely dont require a great history to get an increase. Recently made a couple 200+ dollar purchases which were paid off within a couple months and each month when I pay my bill I update my income as well even though there is no change, just reenter same amount and submit. Have 19% util on this card now that they've increased it (would have been at 27% pre increase I believe).
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Re: Target Red Card Auto CLI

Congrats!!! Auto CLIs are the best. 


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Re: Target Red Card Auto CLI

Congrats on your Target Redcard auto luv! 

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Re: Target Red Card Auto CLI


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS  on your Target auto CLI and Thanks for the DPs!!!

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Re: Target Red Card Auto CLI


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Re: Target Red Card Auto CLI

Congrats on the auto luv! 😊

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Re: Target Red Card Auto CLI

Congrats from me as well!!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Target Red Card Auto CLI


Rock that Red Card!

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