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Target RedCard Tiny CLI


Target RedCard Tiny CLI

Hi all,


I just wanted to share that I've had a Target RedCard since Feb. 2019, with a $300 limit.


I use the card at least a couple of times per month, spend around $150/mo and pay in full.


Statement just closed with a $138 balance because I forgot to pay it.


Received an alert from Chase Credit Journey that one of my limits was increased. I was shocked that it was Target. They only gave me an increase to $500, but it's something. Odd that it might have been triggered by a statement closing with a balance OR was it the 4 long years I've waited?


Happy St. Patrick's Day! ☘️

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Re: Target RedCard Tiny CLI

Congratulations on your Target CLI 🎉🎉

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Re: Target RedCard Tiny CLI

Every little nudge up counts. Looks like they waited for your balance to post then raised it on that premise (maybe?)


Either way Congratulations on finally seeing some movement to the good on it.

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Re: Target RedCard Tiny CLI

The theory around here to trigger an increase is to update your income every month and let a balance report. Typically you'll end up on the target train after the first increase and get a few increases in a row, once every 3 months. So 300>500>800>1200>etc. If you can stay on the train long enough, you might get an upgrade to the credit card. 

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Re: Target RedCard Tiny CLI

I've had some luck with cli's on my red card since i opened it in oct/2020 300 sl.

I always carry a balance

Almost never pay in full

Update my income once a year when it actually goes up, cli's as follows - 

6/ 10/2021 300 - 500 = 200 cli

12/12/2021 500 - 700 = 200 cli

6/14/2022 700 - 1000 = 300 cli

12/10/2022 1000 - 1300 = 300 cli

some dp's

I burned TD bank for 8k in my bk7 dc 12/2019

my balance right now on the card is 359 out of a 1300 cl

my income is sort of low at 39k

my fico's are in the high 600's, good range

I use the card almost every month

I usually make payments once a month of 75 or 100, sometimes more

I know some people dont like to carry a balance to avoid paying interest, I have had some success on a few cards getting cli's by throwing the lender a few bucks in interest, one hand washes the other, ymmv

{ BK7 DC 12/2019 } target 1300/ kohls 3000/ discover IT cb 6500 / 2nd discover IT cb 6000/mercury 4100 / firestone 2800 /legacy 2500 /first savings bank cc 2500/ cap1 QS 5000/ cap 1 savor one 3100 /comenity rewards mc 3k, Penfed PCR signature visa 10k/ penfed gold 7.5k NFCU >signature visa cash rewards 15700/bread cashback amex 8000

>/ nfcu platinum 9k, BABY NEEDS NEW SHOES !!!!!
closed-- reflex, applied bank, first digital, mission lane, ikea, fingerhut, big lots, valero gasoline, ollo, more to come
Rebuilding since September 2020
who i burned - chase, cap 1, TD bank, Sync, were the biggies
Income 39k
Total utilization 11 - 14 pct depending on my current usage/needs
Ficos in the 680 - 690 range, the 9's slightly higher than the 8's
My vantage scores 708 - 711
TCL - about 87k
Retired since 2017
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Re: Target RedCard Tiny CLI

Congratulations on your CLI! 

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Re: Target RedCard Tiny CLI

congrats on the approval

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Re: Target RedCard Tiny CLI

Congratulations on your CLI! @ladybug2016 

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Re: Target RedCard Tiny CLI

Congrats on the CLI! 

Credit Health:

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Re: Target RedCard Tiny CLI

Thanks so much to everyone who replied with data points, kudos and congrats! @SUPERSQUID you've done so well with them in a short amount of time. I've never filed BK or burned them so I'm not sure why they've been so stingy. I remember one Black Friday not even having a high enough credit line to pay for a TV on the card, which is crazy!


I'll try the income tip @Brian_Earl_Spilner mentioned to hopefully get on the train. Thanks again!

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