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Target RedCard cli

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Re: Target RedCard cli


Amex BCP $35k
Chase FU $11.2k
BOA Cash Rewards $35k
Comenity BJs Perks Plus M/C $14k
Cap1 QS $850
(AU), 2020 TU 801, EX 795, EQ 792
INQ ...TU-0, EX-2 EQ-3
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Re: Target RedCard cli


- | - Mee'sa not'ta Jar'Jar Bink'sa. Mee'sa just like'sa the word'sa BOMBAD! - | -

BK7 Discharged 12/16 - | - EQ8/9: 696/730 | TU8: 738 | EX8: 733
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Re: Target RedCard cli

Congratulations! I was just approve for this card, SL is $200.00 but its a start. Hoping it grows!

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Re: Target RedCard cli

Congratulations on your Target RedCard CLI!

Current Cards (in order of approval):

Current FICO 8 | 9:

Credit Age:

Inquiries (24 month):

Banks & CUs:

Goal Cards:

Currently: 2/6, 2/12, 5/24
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Re: Target RedCard cli

Awesome! Congrats on your increase!

04/2020 * TU - 621 | EQ - 616 | EX - 632
06/2020* TU - 689 | EQ - 690 | EX - 668
GOAL * 750
Starting Score: 653
Current Score: 667
Goal Score: 710

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Re: Target RedCard cli

Same here! Have you increased yet...?

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Re: Target RedCard cli

@StartingOver2018 wrote:

Approved for a Target RedCard in April 2019 for $500.

Increased to $800 five months later.

Increased to $1900 six months later (this week). 


Have not used it much other than during Christmas last December and have been paying it down since until this month when it was pif. Then I used it Monday to buy groceries for the 5% off and $10 gift card offer.


So, no fancy updating income or paying in full in order to supposedly trigger a cli. 


Congrats on the CLI and growth on your Target card @StartingOver2018! Keep at it! 

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