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Two Rebound Approvals

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Congrats! Great subs too!

Bourbon and bow ties.

Current Cards:

INQ (EX): 5 (9/17, 11/17, 11/17, 7/18, 5/19)
Accounts: 4 accounts in last 24 (next 2 fall off 11/19)

Immediate Goals:
7/19: 3x CLI for Hilton Aspire (SUCCESS!)
8/19: App for Chase Ink Cash
12/19: One bureau FICO 8 at 750 (currently 705 EXP; 701 TU)

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Congrats on your approvals!  Those are two solid cards to have in your portfolio.  Condolences for the US Bank denial. 

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Pretty awesome rebound approvals! Congrats on your new NFCU Flagship and Cap One Savors cards! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

I’m kind of tempted to rebound too. US Bank serving up the pain today. 

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Pain indeed. I am still feeling dejected. Smiley Frustrated 


In fairness to them, I only use my cash+ for utilities (my 5% category) and I max it out every quarter. So, I'm certainly an unprofitable customer for them. Perhaps that had somerthing to do with it. And, at my current pace of travel to the UK, where contactless is ubiquituous, I was going milk the 4.5% mobile payments teet dry...

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

@Caardvark wrote:

I have a big purchase this month (new hardwood floors) and figured I would get a few SUBS for it. After gardening for 8 months I applied for the US Bank Altitude Reserve but was denied (denied again on recon). So... Having already exited the garden with two HPs (and still planning on getting my floors) I went for the next two cards on my short list and both were approved. Worth noting: US Bank pulled EQ for the app and EX for the recon which I was not expecting. They are usually a TU puller (my best score) Smiley Sad


NFCU Flagship Rewards $20K SL (50000 points SUB)

Capital One Savor $20K SL ($300 SUB)


On a side note, this is my first NFCU credit product of any kind. And, because there have been more than a few posts from people being denied the Flagship as their first card, I was a little nervous. But, it worked out. 


That's a wonderful consolation returning excellent results for you after a flat out DUD courtesy that nasty EQ. FWIW to anyone else, i always have lousy returns thanks to EQ as well. I try to steer well clear of EQ pullers because it's notoriously my worse score.


Big Congrats! to the very nice pair of approvals in spite of the curve ball experienced at first.

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Yikes HUGE approvals! Congrats! The bank that rejected you is gonna want you back. 

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Congrats on the two approvals and sweet SL and Subs!

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Congrats on both approvals! 

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Very nice approvals and SLs, congrats! 😊

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