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Walmart CLI for meeeee!!!

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Walmart CLI for meeeee!!!

Hi guys...I finally made it to the Walmart cli club and I'm yelling out yippeee!! I must have about a shoebox full of denial letters with old scores from back in February for ALL those denials, and as I logged in tonight to check things out I said, well let's add one more letter to that pile. When the screen flashed on to different lettering however, I did a double take lol because this time I got bumped up! The funny thing is, my TU score has not updated on the wally site yet, it still shows the last update was on 5/2 with a score of 662. My TU as of this month though is 682 so I thought maybe I had a chance. I opened this card in February with an sl of $200 and my 4th statement won't cut for another week so I just smashed the button and asked for the usual $5k but it came back with a counter of $1000 and so I was like weeeeee!! I logged back out and back in and repeated but it said no, no, no....only $1k for now lol! So should I just let  it sit, or should I try chat to get more, or robolady? I figured if I already got the deny from the button I should leave it alone for now, so just mulling that over. So now that they finally said yes, when is a good time to ask again? 

Current Fico 8 scores as of 03/19:
Experian - 646
Equifax - 659
Transunion - 634

Goal - to reach 700 on all 3

Update TU 651 as of 4/19 and Exp 640 as of 4/19
Chase FU, Quicksilver, Quicksilver 1, Discover Chrome, Walmart, Target, Lane Bryant, IKEA Projekt and an AU on a Chase FU and Freedom

Update Fico 8 as of 6/19 :
Experian - 660
Equifax - 665
TransUnion - 682
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Re: Walmart CLI for meeeee!!!

Congrats on the CLI! Don't have the card myself, so I'll let the others answer your questions 😊
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Re: Walmart CLI for meeeee!!!

Nice work! Congrats!

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Re: Walmart CLI for meeeee!!!

Grats to your success Smiley Happy
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Re: Walmart CLI for meeeee!!!



Sync hasn't been allowing double dipping online anymore but if you call and speak with Credit Solutions you can try to get more. With your score, I wouldn't think you would be successful just yet though. You can try. 877-379-8173


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Re: Walmart CLI for meeeee!!!

Congrats on your increase 

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