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Walmart CLI

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Walmart CLI

I get CLI's on my Wally discover every 4 months. My last request was denied due to high balances and a recent late payment. Looking at the letter, the credit pull they used was from Feb?!?! Back then I did have higher balances and a payment I stupidly let go late. The late payment has since been removed and I paid all balances down or off.

Is the reason they're using an old report because I haven't had a balance post? I paid the card off back in Feb and haven't used it since. I want an increase, but not a hard pull.
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Re: Walmart CLI

They'd never do a HP. And GEs soft pulls are usually very old and it says yes this is old but we don't suspect your score has changed much in the letter but in different words. But more often than not that score they usually changes every week
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