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2 Part Question

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Re: 2 Part Question

Is it possible to add her to my mortgage and car loan? Or once you have the loan its too late?


Also, adding her to my BB card as an AU I do not think is going to do any good. They didnt even ask me for her social.

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Re: 2 Part Question

to late
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Re: 2 Part Question

They don't need her SSN...her name and address is enough.


And, no, you can't add her to your car loan or mortgage.

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Re: 2 Part Question

When we call the Citi number about the card my wife applied for it says "Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your request at this time" however, she has received no email (we chose to be notified by email instead of mail in the app process). Does this mean it is being manually reviewed, or that she is definately denied? If she is in fact denied would it be advisable for her to recon?
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Re: 2 Part Question

"capital one can be prime but a lot of times they end up not being. i would be interested for a follow up of the limit."


She got a limit of 3,000 which is the max limit for that particular card I do believe.

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