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AMEX FICO update change question

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AMEX FICO update change question

AMEX has typically grabbed my FICO score on the 27th of the month every month.  

Just noticed that they pulled my score for November on 3rd of the month.  Is it weird that they would pull it again after just 1 week?  Does a cycle change mean anything?  


Got curious and checked out the credit card ads section while logged in.  Most of the cards say 'congratulations you are pre approved' but have an APR range.  


Is this 'cycle change' just an aberration that's part of the world of credit or am I reading too much into this?  I couldn't find a thread that explored this topic.


Also, with the pre-approved info mentioned above is that just a generic product framing since the APR is a range or is there some substance to the pre-approval message? 


thank you 

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Re: AMEX FICO update change question

OP, did you end up finding answer to your questions? Typically AMEX pre-approval message while logged into your account is somewhat solid, based on my experience- YMMV of course and others may have better input here.

I would love to know more on AMEX credit score updates/timing as I won’t pull the trigger until I see my updated Experian FICO 8 displayed.... its been a month, no change.

Did you end up app’ing for any of those offers? Outcome?

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Re: AMEX FICO update change question

I’m in the same boat - waiting for my score to update and hopefully see an expansion of the offered cards.

OP, as stated it’s always YMMV but the majority of posts I’ve read here from members have indicated that preapproved usually translates to approved once the application is submitted.

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Re: AMEX FICO update change question

Hi JAR1979, 


I can't say that my DP will be all that helpful - 

so far I have not applied for another personal card but I was approved for 2 business cards.  

unfortunately both resulted in HPs.  I've decided to lay off the personal cards for the time being - I'm still a little miffed at the way the Gold SUB panned out.  And now that I have 4 total cards, 2 personal/2 business I figure I should chill out on apps.  


The business cards - I honestly can't remember if the language was 'you are preapproved' or 'get a decision in as little as 30 seconds'

but for the 2nd card, the Business PLatinum - AMEX actually called me to apply for another business card so I really woud have been shocked if I wasn't approved.  


and in terms of scoring - my Experian hasn't changed in like 3 months, it went down for 1 day when I had absolutely no balance reporting on any card for exactly 1 day and then rebounded back to the same 684.  but I have noticed that the FICO 8 that I can still in the app - it is showing random dates in the status so it looks like AMEX has been doing a decent amount of soft pulls, no only if I could stop getting credit here and there and start buidling the score back up....but that's a whole other conversation.  



but what I can say - after I applied for the Business Platinum I curiously went into the personal card section to check the pre-approval language and noticed that some of the cards started showing 'applying to expand your membership is easy'.  All of the co-branded cards showed pre-approved but the Magnet, BCP, ED, EDP cards were showing the change...and actually just checked, still are showing '...expand....'

the personal platinum/green, and then co-branded still showing pre-approved..... I'm guessing I'm currently at or near the limit of what AMEX wants to extend me so the pre-approval messages seem to be decently accurate but can't say I actually applied and have an experience to add........    good luck on your strategy.  

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Re: AMEX FICO update change question

I just so happen to check after reading your post.  Mine updates on the 8th of every month.  I currently have the Zync and have been looking to add another card.  I've been preapproved for the Paltinum, Gold, and branded cards but not the Cash Magnet, ED, EDP nor BCP.  I just tested all of them and I am now preapproved for every single card...very interesting.  I'm still not going to pull the trigger yet...I'll wait until it updates again on the 8th.  The amex TU updates on the 6th...which I still can't figure out why they have that one as well as the EX Fico.

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