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AMEX Offers

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AMEX Offers

Do you believe it's worth it to have an AMEX card for gaining access to those offers? 

I've seen them being mentioned a lot here and on DoC.

What is your opinion AMEX cardholders? Also are those restricted to cards that accumulate MRs?

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Re: AMEX Offers

some of the offers can be really good,   depending on what you spend on,   lots of travel offers or basic shopping offers,  and no they are not just on mr earning cards,   majority of the offers are cashback instead of points,   recently there were ones for 10% back at lowes up to 1k , same with staples and a few other places,  lot of the offers carry over to different cards and some cards have unique offers,  i have 7 amex cards and a few of the offers are on all cards others only on one or 2,    

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Re: AMEX Offers

Any AMEX card can get AMEX offers, but not all cards get the same offers.   I wouldn't say the offers alone are worth an AMEX application, but it could make the card more useful once your SUB has been achieved.  These days, I really only use my AMEX for Offers or pre-sale events.  

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Re: AMEX Offers

I’ve noticed the offers are much better on my PRG then my Delta Gold. Most of them are the same for the most part but I’ve never really gotten very many good offers on that card.

I’ve gotten 2 decent offers on the Amex ED card so far and I’ve only had the card for a month.

Just recently on my PRG.
Airfrance and KLM we’re giving 20K MR points for 1000 spend. That’s about a 400 value if you value MR at 2 CPP.
Some people have even be able to get 6-8CPP from MR which basically almost makes that 1000 you spent on flights free and then some depending on the redemption value

That offer was not on my everyday card either. I looked since I thought about trying to double dip it to offset the cost of business class.

So far in 7 months. I’ve gotten back about $120 bucks and around 5000 MR through offers

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Re: AMEX Offers

I don't know if many others experienced this, or if it's just specific to my spending habits (where I shop, what I spend, which cards I use)...


...but I think the number of good offers fell around early 2016.

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Re: AMEX Offers

In the 11 months I've been with Amex, I've only used 3-4 offers. Most of them, like about 80% don't apply to me.


@Shadowfactor wrote:
I’ve noticed the offers are much better on my PRG then my Delta Gold. Most of them are the same for the most part but I’ve never really gotten very many good offers on that card.

Same here. Which is fine with me, I'd rather have the MR points that can be transfered to various travel partners, rather than locked into Delta.

The BCE has also had few useful ones. I think by having more than one card definitely casts a wider net for useable offers.


But no, I don't feel thse offers alone are worth having any of the cards They're bonus perks that go along with regular earnings and of course the SUB.

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