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AMEX Pay over Time

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AMEX Pay over Time

How does this work? Does it report as a new CL? It saids I have a CL of $35.000 is that standard? Sorry for all the questions as this is new to me.

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Re: AMEX Pay over Time

Yes, $35,000 seems to be par for the course. No, it does not report as a new CL nor is your POT limit reported to the CBs.  There are 3 types of Pay Over Time available, and each acts differently.  Select & Pay Later you choose charges over $100 to add to the POT balance.  Extended Payment Option automatically places all charges over $100 into the POT balance.  Sign & Travel automatically places all travel charges into POT balance.  For Select & Pay Later, interest begins accruing the day that you move those charges into that bucket.  For the other two, interest begins accruing if you do not pay your full statement balance (new pay in full charges plus POT balance) by the due date.

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