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AMEX Reallocation Link

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Re: AMEX Reallocation Link

@UFGuy2006 wrote:

@cdtotten wrote:

AMEX discontinued allowing customers to reallocate credit lines across multiple cards more than 3 years ago. This is something they will not do for anyone, anymore. Sorry.


I don't see how contacting their offices is going to help you; it is a policy of theirs and they aren't going to break it for 1 person just because you asked. Wish they would though, used to love that feature.

Actually, I have the link available for 2 of my 3 amex cards. This functionality has been discussed on the forums recently and Amex has started to allow reallocation, as long as both accounts involved in the reallocation has been open of at least 12 months. The problem is now they process the reallocation differently in the past and require that you give updated HHI information before you can submit the reallocation request.

Thank you for the post.  I do remember seeing the link  sometimes this year even while having just one AMEX account.  

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Re: AMEX Reallocation Link

@wajj wrote:

AMEX does allow reallocation of CL.  At least I have the link on one card on my account.  But, when I tried to do it, I was declined because the other of my lines was "too new".  When I called for an explanation of "too new", I was told that both cards involved had to be 13 months old or older in order to reallocate.  YMMV.

Thank you!  Now I know I need to wait 13 months. 

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