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AMEX backdating question

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AMEX backdating question

Hello everyone. This is my first post, but I've been reading the forums since starting a ScoreWatch membership. I recently opened an AMEX TrueEarnings card for the cashback rewards and I'm curious what AMEX will report for my account open date. I opened my first AMEX card in 2007, and only later was added as an authorized user on my mother's account. Her account dates back to Jan, 1982.  My Equifax credit report shows 7/2007 as the date I opened my Blue Card, and 1/1982 for my AU Gold card. Equifax reports my oldest account as 29 years old.  Will the TrueEarnings card will report an open date of 1982 or 2007? 


I called AMEX but was told that I needed to contact their Credit Reporting Agency Dept (800-874-2717) which won't be open until Monday.


P.S: I'm extremely excited about the TrueEarnings card. I eat out 5-6 times a week, so I expect to save a lot on the 3% restaurant and gas savings. I also upgraded my Chase Slate card to a Freedom Visa, so I'll be getting 5% cash back on their revolving categories, as well.

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Re: AMEX backdating question

Your new True Earnings should show an account open date of 02/07. It won't show 1982 b/c that's not when you became a member. Your member since date should be 07 so that's what the credit report will reflect.

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