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AMEX everyday cash preferred question

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AMEX everyday cash preferred question

I have two questions for the cash back 6%  for grocieres and the 3% cash back on gas stations. I have looked on amex website and they are very vague on if they accept certain stores and what not.


question one: I see wholefoods counts towards the 6% however, I don't have one within like 30minutes of me so I usually go to sprouts does this count towards the 6% and also sometimes use kroger does kroger count ?? I know places like wal-mart, target, cosco don't get this 6% 


question two: so as far as gas stations go do racetrac/ quiktrip and kroger fuel count towards this 3% for gas just curious because I hate going to shell's BP etc just not my thing. and they arent even any close to me QT and kroger are a lot closer and QT is on like every corner. 


thanks for your advise I'm been looking all over for answers can find anything that answers if these are accepted thanks gas is my main focus because I can go to wholefoods if need be. but gas I'm not going to drive all over for gas to get 3%.



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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

I have shopped at one Sprouts location and used an Amex (ED). It counts for the bonus category, but I don't know if that's true for all Sprouts locations.


Going far out of your way to save just a few percent on a regular basis may not be worth the effort. I suggest you focus on convenience, quality, and overall value. Let which card you use be a secondary consideration.

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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

The supermarket category is definitely vague as a lot more stores count than AMEX can likely list. Ignore how a store codes when the transaction first posts. Coding as "groceries" isn't enough to qualify a store as a supermarket.


To be sure, you have to wait until your transaction becomes two statements old. At that point you can check your rewards details to see what AMEX has given you. To find that, hit the Statements & Activity link. In the Recent Activity dropdown, choose a previous statement. Scroll down to the bottom, and you'll see a link that says Bonus Details. Hit that, and you'll see your rewards for that statement period. If the Bonus Details link doesn't yet appear on your second oldest statement, give it a day or so.


As far as Kroger goes, I would think that it would almost certainly count as a supermarket and earn you your 6% reward. It's very likely that someone here can confirm that for sure. I couldn't tell you about Sprouts.


As far as gas goes, I wouldn't be surprised if Kroger actually netted you the 6% grocery reward. Again, someone would have to confirm as I'm just speculating. For me, convenience stores that primarily sell gas have all given me the gas reward, even when I don't buy gas and buy something like water or a candy bar.


The places where you're most likely to miss out on the gas and/or supermarket reward would be merchants like Costco, Sams, or Walmart, which count as neither a supermarket nor a gas station.

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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

Thanks guys I read somewhere kroger may count the fuel towards "supermarket" so it'll count as 6% but I don't even use close to 6,000 for grocies a year lol so I guess it doesn't really matter right? it only helps me ?

I guess I can start looking into wholefoods it's a little farther away but at least it'll get me out of the house lol I'm off tomorrow so. 

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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

As wasCB14 said, choose the merchant first, at least for groceries. Then choose the card that gives you the best value. I wouldn't go to Whole Foods just for the credit card reward; I'd go there because I like shopping there.


For gas, you probably have a lot of choices, and you can likely choose where you fill up based on the card reward.

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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

Sprouts counted as groceries and QuikTrip counted as gas for me, I’m so jealous I don’t live in a city anymore that has those two places because they are literally the best grocery store and gas station haha. Also, I believe you’re talking about the Blue Cash Preferred, just making sure you apply for the correct one as you can’t change from a blue cash to everyday.
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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

Amex has redesigned their browser interface.

You can now see about 2-3 days after a transaction posts if the purchase you made will be included in the bonus points category.

To do this. Login on a computer. It will ask you if you want to try the new interface. Click the transaction you want and it will bring up all the details and there will be a box to show the bonus points if eligible

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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

@alphawolf290 wrote:

I don't even use close to 6,000 for grocies a year.

I guess it doesn't really matter right?

it only helps me ?

*Edit * Sorry my info and chart is for the Blue Cash Preferred not the Everyday Preferred. My bad!


No, the rewards are not straight line, due to the AF and not close to  6% even with ideal spend.

At most it is a 4.4% card and with less or more spend than a target value it can be worse that a straight 3% or 2% card.



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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

Kroger gas statons only net 1%. At least in my neighborhood they do. I am pretty sure it specifically states in the TOC that gas stations located in supermarkets do not count. 

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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

Do you have a Walmart Neighborhood Market around you? Those count for the 6% back as well. Not regular walmarts, but the "neighborhood market" ones.

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