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Alliant Credit Card CLI ???

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Alliant Credit Card CLI ???

I got a an alliant credit card in mid April 2012 approved for 2500. 

I was wondering when can I ask for a CLI ??? I logged into my account and there is NO icon for request increase ??? How long after having the card with alliant do you need to wait to ask for a CLI ??? 

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Re: Alliant Credit Card CLI ???

I think I had mine a year before I asked for an increase. It is a EQ hard dulYou unless they changed things, you actually have to go through and complete the CC app again, and somehow they flag the people who already have a CC and send it to a banker, who will call you to process the CLI.

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Re: Alliant Credit Card CLI ???

I've had mine for over a year and no CLI--then again I never use it. So Im not shocked there was no auto cli for me. I would just call up and ask.

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