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American Express Financial Review?

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American Express Financial Review?

Been a while since I have come by these forums, but today I went to make a purchase online for under $25.


1st time it came up as refused. Figured I entered something wrong.

Checked everything, did it again, same result.


Hmm, it was an AMEX card, so went to login into my account to see what was up.


At the top, in red it stated, in effect, my charging has been suspended call 1800...




My accounts are paid in full.

There has been no large purchases.

My FICO score, through their site is a hair under 800 (as well as through myFico).


What the heck?


So I call, they tell me I am under financial review. I ask why have I not been notified prior as I have auto and had I not attempted a purchase today I would have had no idea, thusly ensuring that those few autopay accounts would have kicked back causing potential additional fees, etc. 


I received no mailing, no email, no phone call. They claimed they called my business line this am, but the VM was full (it is not full nor are we opened today).


Speaking with reps who have very little command of the english language is problemic, just as a matter of understanding what the issue is and how to resolve it.


I ask for a supervisor, who tells me the rep told me what happened (he simply told me that the account is under FR, but gave me no actionable direction on how to resolve this or why this even happened) and disconnects midway through a sentence.


I call back, and am told nothing new, (account is under financial review) and he would email. I ask if he would stay on the phone until I receive it. Nothing received. He sends it again. Again nothing.


He then says he will fax me a 4506T form (that was over an hour ago) which has yet to be received.


I am utlizing almost nothing of my credit limts across all my cards, they are each well under $500 per and many with $0 spending (1 threatened me that if I didn't use it they will close it, so I bought a freaking wiffle ball off Overstock) and all are paid in full each month.


I am now locked out of my AMEX portal, so I cannot even administer the accounts.


I am not comfortable with giving anyone direct access to my income tax returns and I have no idea how many years they even want.


The communication on such an important matter as finances has been zilch and is causing me undue stress without any clear path to correct this.


Back to the portal, It gives me the option to have them send a verification email, which I opt for, nothing received. After about 5 minutes that window refreshes (server side) that even if it is received I have to start the whole process over.


What is American Express doing?



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Re: American Express Financial Review?

Others more familiar with FR should be able to explain how to upload your last few years tax transcripts believe it is usually two if i recall correctly?  You have one of two choices to either provide the 4506-t's or part ways with AMEX, there is usually no middle ground if they are requesting those.  They use thirld party data source such as theworknumber and other means to see income and what you put as income so if there is a decent difference than that could be possible reason of action being taken despite not owing much as you mention.  Some people are allowed to just do paystubs, but appears they want your tax transcripts and that is done through Equifax  on their behalf.  So as mentioned earlier comply or sever the relationship.  Sorry this happened to you and best of luck

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Re: American Express Financial Review?

There's only two options:

1: Send them the 4506T, it will be two years worth of tax transcripts

2: Dont send the 4506T, Amex will close all of your accounts.


Stressing over why the FR was triggered is a moot point rn.

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Re: American Express Financial Review?

That sounds really upsetting. Every time I read a report like this, it makes me wonder what happened to cause Amex to act this way. I'm sorry you are being subjected to this, OP. I hope you figure out the cause and find a happy resolution. Thanks for sharing your experience here, so the rest of us might have a better chance of avoiding this unfortunate situation. 

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Re: American Express Financial Review?

Sorry to hear about all of that. Were there any changes in income or usage in other cards? They couldve spot a pattern they dont like or might want to verify your income. Like others have stated they really dont give you a third option when it comes to FR. I wouldnt know what brought about the change but it could just be a random system flag or just a random pick for a FR. 

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Re: American Express Financial Review? UPDATE

FINALLY got someone in the US!


It was an error on their part that triggered it.


Apologies up the wazoo. 


Should be all taken care of by EOD.



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Re: American Express Financial Review?



Got someone in the US and it was an error on AMEX's part...

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Re: American Express Financial Review?

Nice! One less thing to worry about.

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Re: American Express Financial Review?

The cause?


Nothing I did.


Finally got someone in the US and it was an error on Amex's part.


What a PITA.

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Re: American Express Financial Review?

Looks like I found a 3rd...


Spoke with a US based rep and it turned out to be an error on their part.


Should be fully resolved by EOD w/o any further action from me.

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