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App Approval to trigger other CLI

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App Approval to trigger other CLI

I have a question. As you know, I am heavily bitter about my measly CL with Amex SPG (and I'm slowly getting over it, lol)...It's a disgusting $600.  Since I got approved today for the Continental Airlines OnePass Plus World MC with a line of $15k, do you think AMEX would boost my CL from the SPG AMEX to a higher amount after seeing this?  


My other question is, it seems that some people's World MCs that have a line and also have a no pre-set spending limit do not post on their CR with a limit, though some do.  For example, it seems that some people that have the World MC by American Airlines have their CL report, while my CL does not report; only my balance does.  


Would AMEX be able to see my CL behind the scenes even though I cannot see it myself on the CR and only online through account management?


I hope I made this clear...

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